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How should I live in this world?

The departure from divine revelation has brought our culture to chaos in the area of ethics. We have lost our basis of knowledge, our most basic foundation, for discovering the good. This is not to suggest that the most high has given us a codebook that is so detailed in its precepts that all ethical decisions are easy. That would be a vast oversimplification of the truth. The most high has not given us specific instructions for each and every possible ethical issue we face, but neither are we left to grope in the dark and to make our decisions on the basis of mere opinion. This is an important comfort to the Christian because it assures you that in dealing with ethical questions, you are never working in a vacuum. The ethical decisions that you make touch the lives of people, and mold and shape human personality and character. It is precisely at this point that you need the assistance of the most high superior wisdom.

To be guided by Mother nature’s revelation is both comforting and risky. It is comforting because you can rest in the assurance that your ethical decisions proceed from the mind of One whose wisdom is transcendent. The laws of the universe not only reflects the righteous character but manifests infinite wisdom. Her knowledge of our humanity and Her grasp of our needs for the fullness of growth and development far exceed the collective wisdom of all of the world’s greatest thinkers. Psychiatrists will never understand the human psyche to the degree the Creator understands that which they made. God knows our frames; it is He who has made us so fearfully and wonderfully. All of the nuances and complexities that bombard our senses and coalesce to produce a human personality are known in their intimate details by the divine mind.



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