Traditions, sometimes good, sometimes bad

IMG_0401A tradition, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is an inherited, established or customary pattern of thought. action or behavior ( such as a religious practice or social custom )

Traditions are passed on from generation to generation. It can be developed by an individual or group of individuals, to be used in social or personal situations. Its obvious. what makes a tradition good or bad would depend on the intentions of the person or people. If the intention is to develop and grow or maintain a certain standard of morality, then it would be a good thing,  however, if the intention is the opposite, then it would be a bad thing. Mark  7:1-23 of the Bible is a illustration of two good traditions that was passed down from the elders of that period, and accepted as custom. one was the washing of hands before they eat and the other was to honor father and mother. The tradition was passed down from the elders and it was supposed to be adhered to by all the Pharisees and Jews, which was a good tradition or custom. What made it a bad thing , was when the Pharisees elevated one tradition above the other to make their argument valid. Jesus of Nazareth disagreed with the confrontational approach and explained why.

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  1. There is but one God. We may worship him or her in different forms or via different practices but we need humility to see it is for each to find their own way of truth or practice. I believe Jesus saw straight into the heart and I love it that he stood up for the heart and a true inner relationship with God above all else.

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